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Do you know what you can do today to make yourself a better trader or investor? If so, this course is perfectly for you.

If you’re ready to ditch the 9 – 5 grind and start doing something real that gives you real money, then we welcome you to TravaFX.

If, for once in your life, you want to do something that isn’t generic and dead-end, then this will be the most insightful and revolutionary course you’ll ever take.

The traditional world has forced young adults into a corner of going to school, graduating, attending university, and finding a 9 – 5 to spend the rest of their days earning a mediocre salary. It’s time to ditch the “worker bee” complex and start earning big bucks.

Who are We?

TravaFX is the leading boutique Forex Trading Mentorship Provider based in Singapore that helps Millennials and Generation Z individuals around the world achieve independence and high-level income.

How do we do this?

(1st Step) We offer key mentorships that override everything you’ve learned in school, university, or any YouTube channel. You can explore more here.

(2nd Step)

As the only leading Forex trading boutique in Singapore, we invite all ambitious young doers to learn from our revolutionary mentorships, become your own boss, and work from anywhere in the world while earning 10 times what you’re currently making at your 9 – 5.


Ready to make a long-term
financial difference in your life?

You Today

-9-5 Job

-Earning Paycheck

to Paycheck

-Financial Stress

You in
2-3 Years

-9-5 Job

-Earning Paycheck

to Paycheck

-Financial Stress

You in
2-3 Years

Earn $500-$1,000/


Additional Source

of Income




Whether you decide to trade full-time after you’ve become a better trader, or not, the choice is yours!

Trading as a Business

Trading can be a great way to add an additional income for yourself. Likewise, it presents massive promise as a full-time business venture as well. If you know the ins and outs of trading, you can systematically go from trading and earning additionally, to trading full-time and earning double what you would at a 9 – 5. Let us teach you how to turn trading into a full-time business.

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