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Turn Trading Into a 8-
Figure Online Business

We help experienced traders, investors, entrepreneurs and corporate employees earn more, withdraw more consistently and predictably from their trading. 

Who are We?

TravaFX is the leading Forex
Transformational Mentorship Provider
from Singapore that helps selected individuals
around the world achieve independence and
a high-level income from trading.


What We Have Achieved

Ordinary People doing Extraodinary things.


We are the only provider in the WHOLE of Singapore that provides strictly 1-to-1 trading mentorship.


Our mentees have gone on to start their own trading hedge fund trading money worth over $50 Million SGD.


We have over 2000+ personalized mentees to date and we have crafted a proven framework for success.


Trading doesn’t just reveal your character, it also builds it if you stay in the game long enough.”

At Trava, we are always about giving the best education to enable mentees to generate financial returns, but also prioritizing capital protection for generational wealth.

Who we help

We help experienced traders, investors, beginners, starting traders and entrepreneurs make hyper-profitable trades…

Experienced Traders

You have been trading for a number of years now and not happy with your trading results. You constantly lose and get disheartened just seeing reds after reds. You are on the brink of giving up. We are here to turn it around for you.


You have been investing in stocks and bonds and exploring forex as another alternative. Have capital to invest and want long term returns from your investments? You are at the right place.

Corporate Employees

Tired of your 9-5 job and feeling undervalued? Want to do something that produces even more ROI for yourself? Learn trading on the side and watch your side income outgrow your main income.

How We Work

Some of the biggest names in the industry came from our programs. We have built the track record and reputation by keeping things simple, fast and direct.

Step 1

We help you create or refine a trading system Capable of hitting 7 figures. Trading and profits mean nothing if your methodology and approach aren’t on point. We help you refine that system so you ultimately have clarity on the directions of your trades and not blindly trade through feelings.

Step 2

We show you how to analyse, monitor and confirm your trade to conquer high quality trade setups. Our methodology will allow you to only capture highly qualified trade and profit with no limits and like never before.

Step 3

You don’t need fancy indicators and messy charts. You’re here to grow yourself as a trader and as an individual. We give you the complete trade system and methodology. Just fill in the blank with your message. From there, we work with you directly to investigate, and imrpove your trades and grow your profits.

What make us different

We create solutions that not only work but make our students successful as fast as possible. 


Fast education. More is not better, faster is better. Traders are busy, they don’t have time to sit through 3 hour video lessons or listen to never ending stories. We tell you what to do, how to do it, and FAST. No fluff, straight to the point.


We take a simplified approach. You don’t need preview trading seminars, youtube channels or huge list of indicators to follow. We built a 7 figure trading business with just ONE system. We’ve personally worked with over 1,000 private clients to implement this system. Our process is battle tested and contunually refined.


We don’t expect you to become an “in the weeds” trader or nerd out on software. We build for you and teach you how to use it to grow your trading and become a master at your own trades.


We don’t believe in "high-risk high reward" trading. In fact, we've developed a system of "ultra low risk - high reward" trading that actually converts better without having to fall to self-sabotage and deal with emotional roller coasters and allows you to sleep at night

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We have helped over 1,000 traders and investors, entrepreneurs build their own 6-7 figure portfolios

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