Strict screening before acceptance.

We do not accept everyone.

We reject the people who do not meet the criteria.

you don't choose us. We choose you.

Age Requirements

Age: 20-35 *We do not accept anybody above or below this range *Application is NOT opened to 36 and above at the current moment


Forex Trading Singapore

1-1 Exclusive Mentorship – Currency Exchange & Forex Exchange Training in Singapore

What You Will Get

Master GuideBook

1 to 1 Mentorship

How this 21 year old millennial and aspiring entrepreneur started day trading the foreign exchange.

How this 23-year-old Uni final year Econs undergrad traded the forex exchange market and grew her portfolio by 100%.

How this cabin crew earned $27,000 SGD in 12 days with just his phone by trading the currency exchange market.



In Becoming Better

50 Accepted Students

62 Pending Students --

75 Rejected Students

You Don't Choose us. We choose you.