how this 23 year old uni final year econs undergrad grew her portfolio by 100%

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Anna is a 23-year-old millennial Final year Uni Undergrad from NTU economics. She is currently doing an internship at a Venture Capital fund in Singapore that invests in Seed to Early Stage Tech Startups across Southeast Asia and India.

Despite going to forex classes and seminars prior to joining TravaFX, she never felt confident in executing her own trades.

After learning from TravaFX, she grew her portfolio by 100%. Listen to her experience and advice that she has to share on trading to new traders.

Watch to see how she did it. Hear her story.


My name is Anna and I’m 23 years old. I’m a final year undergraduate in NTU. I study economics. Currently developing a career in the finance industry. I’m doing an internship in a venture capital fund. We invest in early stage startups across India and Southeast Asia.

So in a nutshell, what we do is that we meet a lot of founders, interact with them, understanding their business model and whether we think that there is a potential for them to scale in the region.

The work of a venture capital is very dynamic and very diverse, particularly seed to Series A setups. So the work that we do involves meeting a lot of startups. In a nutshell, that’s essentially what we do.

But going deeper, we do a lot of market research, coming up with investment memorandum and deciding whether we want to invest in the business.

And after we invest, we spend a lot of time with every of our portfolio companies, helping them with going for the next round of Series A funding, giving them a lot of strategic advisory.

So I’ve been trying to understand the financial market and looking at currencies as well as an asset class. So that’s when I started talking to Amir and that got me really interested in studying currencies.

What differentiates TravaFX from other market providers is the level of support that it gives me. Prior to joining TravaFX, I’ve been trying to learn forex on my own for a few months, looking at online resources, going for some forex seminars.

But even after all those months, I never felt like I had the confidence to do my own trade.

What TravaFX helps me is that I think it’s really good in simplifying the whole trading process, breaks down the complicated parts, and makes it very easy for a layperson to just start trading.

And I think secondly, beyond that is the level of support that it offers me. When I first started trading, Amir literally took the first few trades together with me looking at my drawing, validating my judgment, and I think for a very new forex trader, that’s what I really need.

Having a very accessible mentor really helps to speed up the whole learning process, taught me a lot in terms of risk management, in terms of being disciplined in my trading, and developing the kind of trading psychology. So, I have been to a few forex classes, forex seminars.

They say they will teach you forex strategies but I went, end up it’s just a marketing class. They were trying to make me join some of their classes, made me pay a lot and I’m not sure whether it will be effective.

You just go for their course. And then after the course, it’s like goodbye. And they send you some materials and that’s the end.

Whereas for TravaFX, Amir just becomes like a friend to you, like a mentor and anytime you need help on trading, you can always chat him up.

And I think it’s not just only limited to trading. If you need help with other stuff, he has the ability to help you. Essentially it just becomes a friendship rather than a pure transaction. What I think TravaFX differentiates itself is the level of support, accessibility to the mentor.

If I have questions I can ask Amir any time of the day. He would reply. It takes me five minutes to reply and it’s a very 1-to-1 attention, 1-to-1 guidance, which is very different from the other market providers. Amir really looks at my drawing, my charts and gives me advice on that. So that I think that’s what really differentiates.

When I first started trading, I was not confident in taking my own trades at all. So Amir took the first few trades with me, looking at my chart, my drawing, telling me where I should put my stop loss, giving me advice on where to take profit. So, it’s a very personalized learning for every of the students. So far I’ve been trading for one month and I have achieved 100% return on my portfolio.

Other than that, it has helped to fund a lot of my travels. And I genuinely like the finance industry. I think it is very exciting.

Beyond that, I don’t have plans to quit a job. It challenges me and provides me a lot of fulfillment. But I also believe that there is life outside of your 9-5 job, that it’s very important to keep yourself progressively updated to the markets, to understand markets, and to self-improve.

A lot of traders when they start trading, they experience losses, and then they just give up. Amir kept encouraging me. It’s normal and it’s okay.

Having a network of support is very important. Not only just for trading, but for anything in general. It connects me with other people who are similarly interested in the topic I’m interested in and share similar experience in growing as a new trader, looking at their progress, hearing about their experience, helps to shape my own kind of trading experience.

In my first month of trading, I gained back my capital. So that was a 100% return on my portfolio. You can just trade anytime on the go. I started developing a trading routine because I have a job. I go to work in the morning. So I trade a few times per day. I go to work in the morning.

Before I go to work I trade and then lunch sometimes I take 15 minutes to just look at the chart. After work I look at the chart before I sleep I look at the chart. It’s actually not so tedious as a lot of people imagined. Just keeping updated on what is going on with some of the currency pairs.

It’s really convenient and really accessible. It’s not as complex as what a lot of people imagined it to be. Definitely recommend TravaFX to my friends and my peers who are interested in trading. It really simplifies the whole process a lot.

I think one important mindset that I brought into trading is that I shouldn’t think of it as a way to quit my job 2 months later. I think it’s getting the expectations right. I didn’t go into TravaFX with that kind of mindset.

I just entered because I kind of know the potential of forex and want to gain some kind of financial freedom.

So my advice to new traders is don’t come in with that sort of expectation that you’re going to quit your job 2 months later. When you’re going to get emotional, that’s when you’re not going to be the rationale in your trading. Emotional trading is indeed the downfall of many traders.

How TravaFX has changed my life? I think helping me to gain financial freedom outside of my regular job, and convincing me that there are so many ways to live your life, that your life does not have to be just contained to a 9 to 5 job.

There are so many alternative ways to make money; to grow your income.

I don’t believe in investing more than what you can handle. The key is to be consistent.


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