this stock trader transitioned to forex trading and earned $20,000 from $2k capital in one month

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He started stock trading at aged 17 during his A-levels. At the same time, he wanted to find ways to increase his income while he was still in school.


He discovered TravaFX mentorship through a mutual friend (word-of-mouth) before enrolling in our private 1-to-1 mentorship. This was when he was approaching 21 years old.


At ONLY aged 21, he managed to grow a $2k capital into $20,000 SGD in one month in his live account after learning fom TravaFX.


Watch how he did it. Hear his story.


**Update: Client has recently onwards recently opened his own trading fund.


Actually, I didn’t find out about TravaFX through Instagram or anything. It was just through a mutual friend.

Then I actually went out with Amir. I believe my goals and aspirations coincided with what Amir’s beliefs and goals were.

I’m a serial entrepreneur and I’ve been trading since I was 17. So Amir is pretty much similar to me. I believe it was fate. Amir is a very driven person, motivated, passionate about trading just as I am.

Basically, I knew the fundamental aspect of forex trading and trading in general because I trade stocks. But I haven’t dived into the world of forex yet because of the risk involved and the volatility of the markets. So I believe I needed a helping hand to guide me. That’s why I enlisted.

Earning my first $4,000 wasn’t easy. Stocks and forex are two worlds apart because forex has a lot more volatile price moves. Amir has imparted skills, like psychology and mindset and how to approach your trades, which are not taught in books.

The first $20,000 I’ve made was made through a lot of hard work and technical analysis and psychology.

Having Amir take the trade with me, it bolstered my courage. We huddled together and profited together. I was never skeptical about forex because I knew the potential that forex had. On a good day, for stocks, you can earn 5 to 10 percent but for forex, I couldn’t 100% in a day.

So it’s quite mind-boggling.

What books can’t teach you is the importance of psychology. And basically, the importance of a mentor is not the technical skills that he imparts unto you, because technical skills can be found anywhere online, or in books or anything.

A mentor is someone that can guide you in terms of other important aspects of trading like your psychology and your mental aspect, mindset and how to approach trading in general.

All the providers out there, the difference is how he relates to you on a personal basis.

Like So I guess he’s different in that he’s more of a friend than a teacher. I believe that Amir connects with you on a personal basis, rather than for these large conglomerates. They will just give out the courses on a large scale basis.

So there’s not really a personal connection between the owner of the whole company and you yourself as the student. But for Amir, actually, we even have his telephone number so we can connect with him anytime we want and he will answer any of your queries anytime.

He inspires me in terms of his mental toughness and drive and attitude which coincide with my own. I believe that this partnership could catapult my trading to another level.

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