how this aspiring entrepreneur started trading

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Glavis, a content creator and aspiring entrepreneur attended several mass seminars on trading and never really found value in them. He took the leap of faith to learn from TravaFX premium mentorship. 


Watch how he absorbed valuable knowledge after learning from TravaFX guidance.





My name is Glavis. I’m 21 this year. Why I actually choose to learn from TravaFX is because it’s transparent. I have attended like other workshops before on trading and investing. Honestly speaking, it’s not as apparent as TravaFX. 



TravaFX is where you enroll in the course itself, where you learn from Amir. It’s very straightforward and simple as compared to other workshops where they tell you a lot of things, but they will not tell you directly what you need to do, what you need to use. They will usually teach you just one time. Finish that course duration and say you are done.




When I heard about forex, when I started to read up about forex, at first, I thought it was something very complicated. TravaFX is not just tools or just trading itself. It’s also about lifelong mentorship. 



Whenever I have doubts or questions, I can just WhatsApp Amir. What should I do? Should I hold that trade? It’s very all-rounded. It covers not just in that trading session but even throughout your whole trading life.



So I think this combination itself has already impacted my trading mindset. It builds my confidence in trading. Because TravaFX is very small, you get to really ask questions directly. Instead of a huge class or you have to write emails.



 Then wait for a few days to get the reply. By the time you get the email, the opportunity to trade is gone. The difference is that TravaFX is very direct. And you can get your answers to your doubts quite fast. 



That itself really makes TravaFX very unique. I can actually see that it’s not just about trading forex. Sometimes I would ask: “Amir, what books do you recommend me to read? What work do I need to know about entrepreneurship and business?”



And it’s like a privilege I would say, because most schools would just teach. I’m a trading school so I just teach forex only. When you get to know Amir, when you get to know TravaFX, it’s not just about forex trading. 



He’s willing to give you advice on entrepreneurship like I want to start this business. What do I do? You can do this. You can do that. You can read up on money. You should go for this networking session. So, he kind of takes care of you in a way. That’s something very different from other teachers.



Honestly speaking, among all the other teachers I learnt from, I think Amir is really the best teacher that I know of because he is willing to connect with you on a personal level as if you are his friend. It’s not about a student-teacher kind of class. If you talk about traditional schools, that’s what happens, right? 



They wouldn’t connect with you personally.

Trading itself is not being taught in school. It’s an entire new subject. If the person wants to learn forex or to learn TravaFX, then he has to firstly change this mindset. 



When I learn from TravaFX, when I learn psychology that Amir imparted in my mind, I found that it’s not only for rich people. It’s for anybody. I think that money is not the first step towards forex.




 I think the mindset and the psychology is the first step in forex. Even if you have a $10k capital, if you don’t have that mindset, you’re going to lose in forex.



But let’s say you have $1,500 USD and then you have that mindset and then you start off from there, it’s very possible to hit that high amount of profit, to achieve that financial freedom, which I believe that some of our students have already done so. It’s very important to firstly invest in a good mentor.



 I have friends who saw me trading and they said, “Can I try? I don’t want to try with real money. 



So can I try that demo that you were doing last time?”

I said, “Okay. You can do a demo. This is how you do it. Download MT4 and register a demo account. One week later they give up. Firstly, they did not invest in a mentor. They don’t know what they’re doing. 



They’re just throwing that lot. If any of my like-minded peers want to learn forex, I would say start from TravaFX.

When you learn from TravaFX, you actually really shorten your learning curve as compared to trial and error. 



Maybe you’ll take 5 years? 10 years? But if you learn from TravaFX, you will shorten your learning curve. Forex is definitely not an easy thing. We are not a one-time off kind of course. There are groups for us to stay in to discuss and to share our trades. Here’s my trade for today. 



What do you think about this?


 What should I do?




Then someone would post a screenshot of their trade and they would say, “Here is what I’m doing for this currency pair.” Then we’ll ask why. Why do you choose to sell this? Why do you choose to buy this? 


Why are you choosing to hold this? That itself really sets us apart from other traditional schools. Forex is about trusting the process. 




I remembered when Amir sent a wallpaper of TravaFX, there’s this subtitle, trust the process. That became my laptop wallpaper until now.



I look at it every single day. Trust the process. It’s that mindset that enabled me to stay in forex because or else I will be done already. Because maybe after my first loss or second loss, I’ll quit. But I choose not to because of that mindset of trusting the process. If not for this psychology or mindset that we have gotten from TravaFX, I think most of us would have quit.



Forex is not all about winning. It’s about losses as well. Sometimes the losses can be small. Sometimes it can be big. The psychology that TravaFX imparts in us is super important.

Seeing all my peers in TravaFX doing better than me, I think that’s really inspiring because they are your peers. They are very close to you. They are not someone far away. They are real-life. When we’re surrounded with people better than us, it will definitely bring us to a higher level.



When we see that 4 digits or 5 digits’ profits from our peers, it’s amazing. It kind of motivates you that I want to be like them. TravaFX is definitely life-changing. I think TravaFX is going to grow. I believe it’s going to grow very fast. Because of the value that it’s giving. I’ve seen people who are successful and they are thinking of approaching TravaFX.



 Amir has already rejected quite a number of applicants. And if you’re really very serious about joining TravaFX, start opening up your mind and have that endurance. The mindset I would advise is to trust the process, to see Forex as a long term.

Honestly speaking, Amir is like my idol. 



If you want to be like that person, then you try to be like that person. The way he speaks. The way he dresses. The way he teaches. The way he talks. 



You want to be like that person. So if  you ask me, who do I look up to, I definitely look up to Amir. He is someone I can look up to. 



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