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TradingView #1 For Technical Analysis

TradingView.com is a cloud-based, easy to use charting platform.You can trade live forex, crypto, metals and stock charts from your laptop, iphone, ipad and all other devices.


You get access to hundreds of analysis and smart drawing tools, technical analysis and simple scanning tools you can use to find the best market to trade.


You can also connect with other traders, share analysis and place trades directly on the chart.

 MetaTrader 4 #1 For Trade Management

MetaTrader 4 is the most common trading platform amongst forex traders that is used as the platform to open, execute, close and manage their trades.

You can download it for free to your mobile from the appstore.

MetaTrader 4 connect to almost any forex broker so you can use real time trading feature to trade management tools to manage your trades efficiently.

Neuro Headband #1 For Brain Relaxation

Neorhythm is the next generation breakthrough in science that relaxes, de-stress and boost energy to the brain. Forex traders often have to deal with volatile price movements and Neorhythm primes you before you start your trading week. 

Get your own headband to drastically improve your overall trading edge.

Easy to use and backed by research.

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