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TravaFX 1-to-1 Premium Mentorship

TravaFX is Singapore’s ONLY Leading Boutique Forex Trading
Mentorship Provider for Millienials and Gen Z. More than 8 years of
trading experience consolidated into an intense one Month 1-to-1
mentorship course.

TravaFX Premium Mentorship is reserved for people who want to take
their trading to the highest level.

TravaFX 1-to-1 Premium Mentorship takes the guesswork out of
planning your trades for profit-optimised trading & helps avoid costly
mistakes you wont have to repeat. so you can grow your savings/wealth
as fast and realistic as possible.

This is a 1-To-1 Premium Mentorship
Lessons will be Customised Acccording to your Profile

This mentorship is not your average YouTube video or textbook lecture. This is ten times more advanced, more exclusive, and more effective than anything you can find elsewhere.

This mentorship can and will change your life.

How do we know this? Because we’re living proof.

12 Slots limited Per Year!

What differentiates this Mentorship
from the others?

If you want to gain the best,
most powerful, and exclusive
information, this premium
mentorship is for you - It’s
time to look at your future.

We dig deeper, cover more
ground, and touch on every
aspect of Forex trading to
ensure you’ve got all the tools
you need to make it - and
make it big.

12 Intake limited Per Year!

How Does it Work?

How Does it Work?

Phase 1: The Filtering Process
We strictly screen every
individual before acceptance.
This is an exclusive mentorship
and only specific candidates will
be accepted.

Phase 2: Mindset & Culture Fit

If you meet our specific criteria
we’ll check whether you have the
right mindset and culture for
Forex trading. From there, we’re
ready to get started.

Do I Qualify?

If you fit the following requirements, feel free to apply for the premium mentorship if you fall under the following:

• Age: 20-62
• Long-Term Thinking
• High Pain & Risk Tolerance
• Individual must be disciplined
• Huge interest in Financial Markets
• Hungry and Eager for transformation
• Willing to make an Investment in themselves
• Must possess Mental Toughness and Responsibility


12 limited Seats Per Year!


Age Requirements

Age: 20-62

*We do not accept anybody above or below this range

*Application is strictly NOT opened to applicants aged 63 and above

Slots limited to 12 only!

What You Get…

• TravaFX Master Guidebook
• Personalized Mentoring
• Custom-designed 3-5 year-plan
• 1 x full-day private in-class, 1-to-1 Mentorship
• 10 Years of Life-Changing Methodology/Strategies

Intake limited Per Year!

Master GuideBook

1-to-1 Mentorship

Premium Book Limited Every Year.



We will get back to you as soon as possible.