How this 27 years old earned $27,000 in 12 days with just a phone and internet

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A 26, year old Singaporean cabin crew, earned his first $27,000 SGD overseas in less than 2 weeks while on a holiday in Phuket Thailand with ZERO PRIOR Forex Trading Knowledge.


Before embarking on TravaFX Premium 1-to-1 Mentorship, he was skeptical and unsure about how trading will benefit him.


As a cabin crew, he had to deal with many flights and did not have much time to trade because of hectic flight schedules. Despite all that, he managed to trade while on a holiday break. Watch how he did it. Hear his amazing story.


My name is Luqeman. I’m 26 this year. Currently, I’m working for Silk air under Singapore Airlines. I’ve been working for close to about one and a half years. I learnt about TravaFX about less than a year ago.


I knew Amir for quite some time and I know he has been in this trading industry for quite a while. But I really didn’t look into it. Just earlier this year, I actually communicated with him. Asked him more about TravaFX.


To be honest, I was skeptical at first.


When Amir brought me into the industry, I was amazed by the trading lines and how much you can actually profit with just by a small capital. I was totally amazed. I was quickly interested and I put myself into the new stepping stone.


That’s how I actually brought myself into this industry. To be honest, that was my first big catch. I started with quite a low capital. Eventually it progresses through the journey. Believe it or not, I traded mostly when I was overseas. I earned my first $20,000 USD.


It took me just about close to two weeks. Not even two weeks. I think about 12 days to get that amount that I earned.


Believe it. I was actually traveling. I was traveling to Phuket (Thailand) with a group of friends. I didn’t actually stay in one location, opened my laptop, and just sat there and just focused on trading.


No, I didn’t do it. Believe it. I was holding my phone the entire time. There was no laptop with me the entire time. So at that point of time, back in Singapore, I was already earning $5K USD. Like we always say, your psychology level has to be really strong.


My guts told me that it’s going to be a long direction ahead. So I continued towards the journey. When I was in Phuket actually with my phone, even when I was eating, when I was traveling with my mates. Just believe it. Even before I sleep, I set an alarm, hourly, just to check on the charts. So I was in Phuket for about six days.


Within these six days, I’ve earned about close to $10K USD. So I was really happy and I don’t want to stop there.

It kept me going all the way. And I earned my first $20K USD just by traveling.


You definitely need to have a strong psychology level and don’t forget to bring your portable charger. Some of you guys out there may get it wrong. This is not an easy step to begin with.


You need to have the right mindset, the right attitude, the fundamentals, and everything. So that’s why I chose Amir. Why? Because I trust him fully. I trust him fully with my money.


That’s why I decided to venture out in this industry. So you just need to have the right mindset and positive attitude.


It’s just not earning money. It is about earning trust and having the right group of people to start off this line of trading. So I went into the charts. And I saw something that I think I could put it on along. So, I quickly buy. And true enough after about eight hours of flight time,


I also put off my stop loss. True enough, I actually caught a very good profit. Amir advised me differently. Basically you just need to have a strong mentality.


Put it this way, if you have the right fundamentals and foundations, eventually everything will go on smoothly. That’s my advice to you guys. Just think about those people who have been succeeding over the past years. They can do it.


Definitely, you can also. I’ve seen some seminars. If I can say so myself, over the internet.


The management organizes a big group, a big cohort. So the difference is, TravaFX. Amir actually put it to a point where he actually cares about every individual student personally.


Narrows down to the smallest details, and he actually really helps us through the journey. And he’s a great man. Without doubt, I will definitely bring in some of my friends to venture out with TravaFX with me.


Like I say again, everyone has to have a very good mindset before you actually want to venture out with TravaFX. Like Amir and myself, we would always want the best for everyone.


So my advice is just Google. Or maybe just watch some videos online. It doesn’t matter what video. Just watch some videos online and just try to study first and have that bit of mindset of what actually trading is all about. What are you actually aiming for?


You need to have a sense of achievement that you want to have. Not just gaining profit and what not. So mindset. Go out there and just try to study first before you venture with TravaFX. That’s my advice to the people out there.


Trading for me is a long term journey, a platform for myself. I see this as a long term. Why? Because put it this way. You can trade anywhere you want.


Meaning you can work anywhere you want. I’ve been having a very hectic, busy schedule for myself. I’ve been flying around. Busy days. Long periods of work. But still, when I go back or maybe during my off days, I could just go in and just do my trading.


So I can advise the people out there, do not give up. Trading will be a life-long term. You have to see the person that you are actually going to be mentored under. So that’s the first step.


Like any other place, you need a very strong leader. When you apply for a job, say for example in a company, straight away in your mind, you want to have a good boss. You want to have a good relationship with the company, with a good boss.


Welfare wise everything is there. So what I’m trying to say here is, who are you working with? That is very, very important. Amir takes a very good opportunity to tell us about trading. And he actually shares with us about his life story. So he never fails to encourage us and motivate us to just progress even if you have a bit of losses.


So what I’m trying to tell you is your mentor has to be a very positive mentor to bring your students up and work together with him. Those who are under TravaFX, who quitted their jobs and actually ventured out in their own business, their own industry.


So what I’m saying is, if you’re daring enough, and with the right mindset, and the right amount of capital, you can actually quit your job and actually start your own business yourself.


Like I say, everybody has to have a good right mindset. If you want to start a business, you need to know what you’re dealing with and have the right capital.


It’s possible actually to just quit your day job and venture out into trading full time. If you are that serious, it’s possible. To be honest, no, you don’t need a capital. I started off with a very low capital before I started my real account.


I started off with a very low capital. I spoke to Amir and Amir advised me to why not just try to pump in a reasonable amount. So that, go for longer trades.


It’s not true that you need to have a big capital to actually start trading. You can start as low as $5. No problem. Like I say, with the right mindset and positive attitude, you can go $5 to actually be $1,000.


No problem. It is possible. Definitely, I’m looking forward to my next big catch. Yes, I’m confident enough and I can’t wait for my next big profit to come.

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