this 27 year old turn $50 into $500 in a day with just his phone

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Irwan Shah, a 24-year-old millennial turned $50 into $500 in one day via trading after learning from TravaFX.


Watch how he did. Hear his story.


**Irwan Shah, a 24-year-old millennial turned $50 into $500 in one day via trading after learning from TravaFX.


TravaFX has changed my life tremendously when it comes to trading. I actually traded a $50 account and I grew it into a $500 account in just a day. 



TravaFX, it’s very different because there’s no bullshit. I say, there is no bullshit. 



Just cut to the chase and it’s just there.


 It’s very straightforward as compared to all the other schools that are around.


Amir understands what we go through, especially as millennials. TravaFX is just one time fee and you are set for life.



I’ve known him for a while and I can relate to him on a very personal level. And also for the people he just met, he’s always ready to lend a hand, when it comes to not just trading but other aspects of business and insights of everything. 



I would say that he doesn’t put himself at a high level. He’s on the same level as you. 



It’s something that you can really think about. It’s not just there. You have to look into it as well. I’m sure that I’ll grow as a better trader.



Now that I’ve gained confidence through TravaFX, I know that I can grow my account definitely in a few years’ time.



 It’s actually a loophole in life, I would say, when it comes to financial freedom. 



Going through my mind at the time when I was rolling, it was like I could really use this money and build my account and move forward, not just going through TravaFX.




I could venture out into different aspects of the things I want to do. I honestly think that it’s the way to go when it comes to learning. It’s the only way to go. 



When I traded for the first time with my real account, I could really feel the sense of achievement, like, wow, this really is working. I never thought that I’d be here standing and I never thought I’d be in forex as well. 



I always thought forex is something that big boys play with, like people with big money. 



But $50 to $500 that’s a lot in just a day. Seeing the results with my own eyes, it’s amazing. It’s a really great feeling.


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