how this 3 years experienced trader benefited from travafx guidance

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Faizal, is a 24 year old Malaysian, 3 years experienced trader decided to learn from TravaFX premium mentorship. 


Watch how he benefitted after learning from TravaFX guidance.



My Name is Muhammad Faizal Bin Shamsudin, my age is 24 this year. I just graduated from Diploma in Marine engineering at Alam. Akademi laut Malaysia. So, before that I love engineering. Kind of, I love engineering and I love to sail, love to explore. Learn to mix with people, any kind of people. It’s adventurous, but no life being at sea..



I want to try something that can achieve freedom. Financial freedom. Time freedom.



 I can spend more time with my families and friends. I need to find a way, which is forex. Forex really teaches me everything. Life, psychology, mentally and discipline. 




So why TravaFx? Based on my experience of trading 3 years, I was under one company that is totally different. 



During that previous company, they mentor you during the class only. So, by one week.. two weeks.. they will mentor you then they will just ignore you. 


But TravaFx is lifetime. Anytime, even 2 o’clock or 1 o’clock, TravaFx will be there.



I found TravaFx. They guide me with the experience and skill and your mental – the important thing is your mental and psychology.In real life, you have to discipline yourself. No other company can be like TravaFx.



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