travafx taught me forex trading is 1% math and 99% psychology

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Shehnaz,  a magazine editor and entrepreneur decided to learn from TravaFX premium mentorship. 


Watch how she absorbed valuable knowledge after learning from TravaFX guidance.




Hi, I’m Shehnaz and I’m an editor of a trade magazine. Because of my prior journalistic background in hard news, I thought forex would be as easy as monitoring current affairs and analyzing the charts. 



Amir has taught me how forex trading is 1% method 99% psychology. 




So I love how TravaFX has conditioned my psychology to move towards being a professional retail trader. 



So the fact that TravaFX is not simply chart work, but about growing your mindset, one can easily follow and understand straight to the point, with no fuss when teaching.



 It doesn’t matter how old, slow or busy you are, he actually helps you with hiccups along the way. 



In my opinion, one of the most important qualities in a mentor is accessibility. Besides giving us the kickstart to financial freedom, he is available at all times, even within my tight schedule, whether I’m on an overseas work trip at 1 am or if I’m confused about chart work and need guidance every new trade week. 



And I recommend TravaFX for that. 



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