how trading changed my life

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Wann, was a major skeptic about trading in the early stages when she got to know about trading.


She decided to give herself a chance to try out the mentorship and since then has turn from skeptic into a believer.


Watch how she absorbed valuable knowledge and hear her story.






My name is Wann Nadzirah. I am 22 years old this year. At first I was actually very skeptical about it. Then I decided to know more. I thought trading, forex is all about stocks and I never believed in stocks. We want to be successful. I didn’t know what to do actually in life. That’s why after school I got too complacent. I had no self-identity. Amir made me realize what I really want to be. We found a different way to financial freedom. Till he told me about the difference between fundamental and technical analysis in forex. 




The way that he is teaching is the technical way, where you look at trends, you look at the charts, and not the fundamental way. You know that through him under his guidance, you can profit.



And of course, you have to grind. Not to be an employee, but to be the boss of me. But this is reality, we have to have money, right? Everything starts with money and I knew that working a 9 to 5 job cannot reach that dream. I’m not born in a silver spoon family. He’s been doing very well.




 And I knew that he did something in his life. So he started to talk about TravaFX and he wants me to be in TravaFX, which is about trading in forex. I had no idea what trading was. So when he shows me a glimpse of the results of what he did, it attracts me. He’s doing this and he’s a mentor.



And finally, my question was answered. I started trading slower than the rest. And now I’ve seen profits. Amir is there for me 24/7 whenever I need help, whenever I’m unsure of what I’m doing, he’s always there. I don’t know how he does it. Because he has a lot on his plate right now like a lot. And I don’t know how he finds time because I can’t find time for myself. I don’t know how he does it. But he did. And I’m so proud of him, more of I look up to him now.



I used to be so proud of him. But now I look up to him even more because he made me realize that I cannot slack. I’ve not been in school for like nearly four years. So I lose the mojo of studying. I had lost interest in reading and all these. So when he asked me at first to read up about the videos he gave me. I was lost. Because the words that they use are super chim. I cannot understand. That was when he guided me through Skype calls even though there were troubles along the way. 





He was patient, through it all. He still teaches me. And I’ve learned that forex trading is for everyone who is eager to learn, even though you’re slow, like me, I’m trying and don’t worry because if you never give up on yourself, I can assure you that Amir will never give up on you. Because the day you give up on yourself, that is when no one can help you. 



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